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"A combat specialist who unleashes quick attacks using a sword and defends with a shield."

The Fighter is a character that excels in defense. Combined with his large form makes him the perfect 'Shield' to protect other characters. Good to have when in a party with a Wizard, Sorceress or Elf.


Description Rating Points (Max LVL)
Strength + Physical Damage Dealt S 310
Constitution - Physical Damage Taken A 286
Intelligence + Magical Damage Dealt D 130
Magic Resistance - Magical Damage Taken C 188
Dexterity + Weapon Damage Dealt B 225
Luck + Critical Hit Chance B 185

Stat Analysis[]

Play Style[]

Fighter Sprite

The Fighter boasts the strongest defense of all the other characters due to his defensive skills and the ability to block with his shield. Though his sword has short range, his attacks come out fast. A valuable ally who can take hits for the group and/or to raise up a shielded zone that blocks damage while boosting his own damage if he blocks an attack. Having the strongest defense doesn't mean he cannot pull off some big numbers in the screen, though. He possesses a wide range of skills which can support and/or deal damage.

The main weakness of the Fighter is his lack of range. He has to move and be at the right place at the right moment to pull off a good combo or raise his shield zone to help the group. Another problem, and this one applies to all melee character in this game, is that he can perform a Power Smash with his sword but loses it and he can't retrieve it until the cooldown finishes. This leaves him with his shield and his fists with which to damage enemies. Unlike the Dwarf, however, the Fighter doesn't have a passive skill that boosts bare-handed attacks (though The True Fist rune spell helps greatly) so it would be better to support allies until his sword becomes available again.

The Fighter also has a pseudo-Evasion (passive skill) technique where his Block animation cancels the recovery time of the dodge animation. By holding Square then evading, the Fighter puts up his shield the moment he lands, allowing you to immediately evade again as many times as you wish.