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Family Matters
At Castle of the Dead: Catacombs, defeat the wraith within two minutes.
Location Castle of the Dead: Catacombs
Path B
Complete Soul Gazing.
Money 22500 Gold
Experience points 90000 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Angel of Destiny
Quest progression
Previous Next
Breach Gargoyle Gate A Beast Most Foul

This quest is available once you complete the quest Soul Gazing. Within the game menu, this quest is followed by Myth Buster.


There are a growing number of believers who are staunchly opposed to the resurrection of the dead.

A young man, who is the son of one of these anti-resurrection zealots, is trying to resurrect his girlfriend. She was killed by monsters, and his father is adamantly opposed to her resurrection.

The man believes that his father will have his allies out in force to enforce their beliefs. He would like to steal her body so she can be resurrected, and for that to happen, he requests that someone defeat the death god as it comes to claim her soul. If you take too long to deal with it, the anti-resurrection fanatics will become aware of your efforts, and attempt to stymie you.

Completion message[]

You completed your mission before the anti-resurrection faction could thwart it.


While it's possible to do this quest alone, it's better to do it with a full party because the battle becomes easier if some focus on keeping at bay the Skeletons, Wights, Undeads and, particularly Ghouls, which are the main cause for delays, while the rest attack the Wraith. Equip weapons and accessories that do damage to and protect against undead foes, as well as some ice and poison protection if you want. Weapons that do fire damage are also extremely helpful in this quest.

The Elf should use Power Shot with Clone Strikes combined with Salamander Oil for massive damage against the boss and her minions. The Dwarf can use the rock to damage both the boss and the other enemies with Power Bomb. If he has the Fire Barrel skill, this is the perfect battle to use it. Magma Infusion is also really good. The Fighter and the Amazon should use their aerial attacks, land with Judgement or Stun Wave to deal damage to the land enemies, and then immediately attack on the air again to avoid being grabbed by an Undead or a Ghoul, while keeping an eye on the Wraith attacks. Both magic users the Wizard and the Sorceress will probably be the more powerful members for this quest. The both should attack with Fire magic while complementing this with spells. The Wizard should use Slow to slow all enemies and attack with Blaze or Flame Burst. The Sorceress should use Protection, Gravity and Blizzard, these last two more to deal with the small enemies than to damage the Wraith. You will only have problems with this quest if you party is under leveled and under equipped due to the time limit.

If you have problems to complete this quest, tune down the difficulty level.