Dragon's Crown Wiki
DC - Elf

Dying Messages[]

  • I regret everything.
  • (No reply, just a corpse.)
  • I've fired my last shot...
  • Am I a good-looking corpse?
  • Should've used the crossbow...
  • Didn't adjust for windage...
  • Shot... Oh, the irony...
  • Won't someone claim me...?
  • I hope the others lived.
  • Stay on target...
  • I can't hear... the spirits...
  • My party didn't share...
  • Should've eaten that apple...
  • Just resting my eyes...
  • I've made a huge mistake.

Resurrection Messages[]

  • I'm glad I met you.
  • I bow before you.
  • Thank you for not leaving me.
  • You have my thanks!
  • It feels good to be alive.
  • My hero! Thanks!
  • I am most grateful.
  • Thanks for the assistance.
  • Death sucks.
  • I'll keep you safe now.
  • I can fight again!
  • My bow is yours.
  • My aim is true!
  • I'm fed up with being dead.
  • Whew. Thank you.

Selection Messages[]

  • Don't stall! Pick me!
  • Let us depart.
  • I can't take it anymore!
  • I can help!
  • I've heard of hidden rooms...
  • I'm tired of this tavern.
  • Please...
  • I'm right here!
  • Let's go!
  • Just pick me, already!
  • Come on, pick me.
  • Shall we?
  • I'm strong!
  • I'm more than meets the eye!
  • Why won't you pick me?

Greeting Messages[]

  • You seem strong!
  • I should be able to help.
  • pant* I've finally caught up.
  • The more allies, the better.
  • Reinforcements are here!
  • Arrows away!
  • I'm here to help.
  • ...Can I come along?
  • The guildmaster sent me.
  • The outside world is exciting!
  • I'll assist you.
  • Fear the ears!
  • Sorry I'm late.
  • Woo hoo! This looks like fun!
  • I'll protect your back.