Dragon's Crown Wiki
DC - Dwarf

Dying Messages[]

  • (No response.)
  • No... more... potions...
  • My iron body... Pierced?
  • (It seems to be a corpse.)
  • Did I leave a lantern burning?
  • I needed one more gold...
  • Jerks left me here...
  • This is wrinkling my brain...
  • Psh. This is nothing.
  • Well, that sucked.
  • It took 300 of 'em to stop me.
  • This is awkward...
  • Useless dwarf lies here.
  • I can still fight...
  • Pour one out for me...

Resurrection Messages[]

  • It'll take more than that!
  • I had the weirdest dream...
  • I must have revenge!
  • This is getting old...
  • Ha ha! Thank you!
  • In your face, death!
  • It's time for a drink!
  • I am starving!
  • How's it going?
  • I owe you one. Just one.
  • It's good not to be dead!
  • You just made a new friend!
  • I knew I was too good to die!
  • That was quite unpleasant.

Selection Messages[]

  • panoply of flexing sounds*
  • Will fight for food!
  • Ohhhh yeaaaaah!
  • Put me in, coach!
  • But fighting's alls I know!
  • Psst. Over here.
  • I'm getting tavern fever.
  • I got kids to feed!
  • Hey! We go WAY back, right?
  • Anger can be power!
  • Don't make me beg.
  • I'm strong, just too strong!
  • Don't choose based on level!
  • Dwarf your party up a notch!
  • Times up. You picked me.

Greeting Messages[]

  • Let's rumble!
  • Let us go forth!
  • Gunpowder solves everything!
  • Gahaha! I'll help!
  • No, please, don't wait up.
  • My physique can't be beat!
  • I'll throw you into last week!
  • It's pulverizin' time!
  • I had something for this...
  • Hoorah!
  • I love fighting and drinking!
  • Behold! My manly biceps!
  • Who wants to fly?
  • All will fear my beard!