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DC - Dwarf - 02


Power Bomb - The throw attacks of the Dwarf are increased (even when throwing fire barrels) as well as add a damaging shockwave to thrown enemies once they land. Increase in levels increases the damage from throws and the range of the shockwaves.

Frenzy - The Dwarf unleashes a rapidfire onslaught of punches with his hammers ending with a powerful uppercut. Increase in level increases the power, speed, and number of hits.

Eagle Dive - An aerial attack where the Dwarf lunges forward in midair, striking whatever is in his way. Additionally, he will drop bombs that explode upon impact at anyone under him. Increase in level increases power and the number of bombs dropped.

Powder Mastery - This supplies added power to any fire-based attacks the Dwarf uses so long as it also counts as a physical attack. All explosions (including the purchasable potions work this way). It will not give benefit to fire damage applied as magic, such as fire damage from rings or scrolls.