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Dragon's Haven Inn is where the game is started. The main menu of the game is here. In Ultimate Difficulty, the inn is renamed to Crazed Hero's Inn.

Select Player[]

Here players create their character before they begin playing. Players can chose from a list of available names, or make one of their own. Players will also be able to chose custom color themes for their character if they so desire. From there players type out a greeting message for playing online.

There are a total of 16 slots available for characters. Existing characters can aslo be edited here. For local multi-player, here is where the characters are selected, up to four at the same time.

Choose Allies[]

For players that don't have a full local multi-player party, in this option you can select the allies to complete a four-character party. After bringing bones and resurrecting them at Canaan Temple, they will be waiting here to be selected. If a player has met online other players, bones of those players can also be resurrected to play along with copies of those players' characters.

A total of 30 allies can be stored here at a time. If you hit the limit, you part ways with allies no longer needed. Allies will not level up, so there is no reason to keep allies that are beneath your current level.

Report Adventures[]

In this option you can save your progress in any of the three available slots.


The same screen available when pressing start in the town to change your preferences.

Return to Title[]

Returns you to the title screens. You will lose progress not saved if you chose this option without using "Report Adventures".

Leave Tavern[]

Returns you to the town.


  • The screen when selecting a character to create within the Select Player option is directly inspired in the player select screen of Capcom's 1993 arcade game Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom, in which George Kamitani and other Dragon's Crown staff worked.
  • Before Tiki joins you, clicking on the food on the table gives "Sustenance is abundant in this castle town." Doing this on the wine goblet gives "Your throat is dry. Drink some wine to slake your thirst." Doing this on the goblet with drunk Tiki gives "Some fairies are bad drunks. You won't get that drink back." Doing this on the resting dog gives "This dog feasts on the customers' table scraps. He seems full."