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Overview & Strategy


The Doom Beetles attacks are standard fare. It will bite you with its large pincers, jump around, do a horizontal flying attack across the screen, or stomp the ground and cause shockwaves. It also has a ranged attack where it spits out a swarm of small needle nosed insects, after a brief delay these insects will target and fly at the nearest player or NPC doing light damage on contact.

During the battle, Carrion Worms will appear and turn into cocoons. If these cocoons are left alone for too long, they will turn into Doom Beetles as well. Destroy the cocoons before that happens or that will make the fight much harder than it should be. You can assign an ally or two to deal with the cocoons or opt to do it yourself. After you destroy 10 cocoons, the Carrion Worms will stop turning into cocoons, and then you can focus on fighting the Doom Beetle.