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Decipher Golem Runes
At Forgotten Sanctuary, destroy the enemy golem without activating the runes.
Location Forgotten Sanctuary
Path A
Defeat the Ancient Dragon on Normal difficulty.
Money 8000 Gold
Experience points 30000 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Golem Master
Quest progression
Previous Next
Release the Genie Peer into the Past

This quest is available once you defeat the Ancient Dragon for the first time.


We've got a new request from a man who calls himself the best strategist of his era.

In the Forgotten Sanctuary, a spell to control statues freely has remained active. If you could use this rune magic to control several statues, you could mass produce golem warriors to form an indomitable army, warding off nearly all threats from foreign invasion.

Travel there and defeat the golems and demons in the area, so that the runes may be deciphered. You cannot touch the runes while taking on this task.

Completion message[]

You obliterated the golems so you could interpret the runes.


Simply destroy the golem boss at the end of Forgotten Sanctuary path A without the help of the other golem. This quest is easier if you have a full party. The easiest way to defeat the golem is using the bombs that are carried by the goblins that attack in the boss battle. Use equipment that does damage to objects to help you attack the golem directly, although using bombs is far more useful. You can also use explosives purchased at Morgan's Magic Item Shop, but chances are that they aren't going to be too useful by themselves due to their limited usages, but they make a great combination with equipment that damages objects and the bombs dropped by goblins.