Boss Information
Type: Humanoid
Weakness: None
Resistance: None
Stage: Wallace's Underground Labyrinth - B Path
Theme Song: Appearance of Evil
Difficulty Level Hitpoints
Tutorial None None
Normal 20 54288
Hard 51 230910
Inferno 81 496188

Cyclopses are hulking blue-skinned one-eyed monsters located at the end of Path B of Wallace's Underground Labyrinth. They attack by punching brutally at you, jump stomping, rock-throwing, or a stomp shockwave. You fight two at a time, but more will appear if you don't close the gate. As the gate closes, another cyclops will try to get out, but can be stopped by attacking their hands before they escape.

Defeating the Cyclopses after closing the gate with the key earns you the aqua talisman.

In Infernal and Ultimate modes, the punches of the Cyclops' can send out shockwaves. They will also be accompanied by several zombies that will continuously come out of the gate.


  • The Cyclops is a homage to the cyclops fought at Capcom's arcade game The King Of Dragons.
  • The Cyclops' appearance bears a loose resemblance to the Cyclops from the 1958 film The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.
  • The Cyclops' vocals in the English version are done by Jamieson Price, who also voices the Dwarf.


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