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Crystal Collection
Obtain 20 amethysts from the crystal outcropping.
Crystal troves exist in Lost Woods.
Location Lost Woods
Path A
Complete Lima Ray's Resurrection.
Money 5500 Gold
Experience points 3000 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Dark Crystal
Quest progression
Previous Next
Dead Master's Party Informer

This quest is available once you complete the quest Lima Ray's Resurrection. Within the game menu, this quest is preceded by Hunt for the Forbidden Text and followed by Harpy Adoption.


We received a request from a woman who works as a crystal sculptor. In the back of the Lost Woods there is a massive crystal trove.

Troves like this are valued for being locations where on can harvest very pure amethysts. The purer the amethyst, the better material it will be for sculpting. However, crystal troves exist in areas so remote that the requester would never be able to travel to one herself.

You must go to the crystal trove and gather as many amethysts as possible.

Completion message[]

The Quest "Crystal Collection" has been completed!


At Lost Woods path A, in the fifth screen (fourth of path A), you'll be riding a small boat into a river with vortexes. Avoid the vortexes, and defend the boat from lizardmen and particularly killer fish as these ones will do more damage to the boat than the vortexes. If you are able to conserve you boat until the end of the screen, you will appear in an area with a bunch of large crystal formations. Destroy them and collect the amethysts that appear until you gather 30 to complete the quest. You only need to arrive to this area once to gather enough crystals. This is easy if you travel in the river with a full party, and only gets complicated if you go alone with the Elf since her close range attacks are not very useful against the lizardmen and her combos are difficult to land on the jumping killer fish. Since you have to kill several killer fish to complete this quest, you can try to tackle it along with Kill Killer Fish. You can also complete this quest in the Labyrinth of Chaos if you haven't done so by the time you are able to select it.