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Crush Hydeland's Enemies
Defeat 10 gladiators.
Location Forgotten Sanctuary / Mage's Tower / Lost Woods
Path Any
Defeat the Ancient Dragon on Normal difficulty.
Money 15000 Gold
Experience points 15000 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Quest progression
Previous Next
Soul Gazing A Midsummer Day's Request

This quest is available once you defeat the Ancient Dragon on Normal difficulty.


The soldiers of the mountainous northern kingdom of Bolga are known for their fearsome bloodthirstinesses. Some speculate that this is because colosseum fights that were permitted in ancient Elician times in Hydeland are still going strong today in Bolga.

Bolgan fighting tournaments consist of forcing prisoners of war to fight each other to the death in an arena in front of a rabid audience.

We've received reports that a detachment comprised of victorious gladiators are beginning a clandestine invasion into our kingdom.

Drive these proven warriors out of Hydeland and thwart Bolga's stratagem.

Completion message[]

You struck down ten swordsmen.


Gladiators are elite forms of fighters. They will start appearing after finishing the tutorial. Defeat ten of them to complete this quest. You will randomly find them where you normally found only fighters. Lost Woods path B is the best location to find several of them. You can also complete this quest in the Labyrinth of Chaos if you haven't done so by the time you are able to select it.