Boss Information
Type: Demonic
Weakness: None
Resistance: None
Stage: Mage's Tower path B
Theme Song: Fierce Fight
Difficulty Level Hitpoints
Tutorial None None
Normal 27 66805
Hard 58 237975
Inferno 88 469025

The Chimera is found at the end of Path B of the Magician's Tower. It is a huge monster consisting of a lion, a goat, and a snake mixed together. Each of the heads will attack you with fire, ice, and lightning. Because it takes up the entire room, there is not much space to maneuver. As the fight progresses, the floorboards may give way and you all drop to the rooms below.

The goat head takes reduced damage from physical attacks, but added damage from magical attacks, while the snake head takes added damage from physical attacks and reduced damage from magical attacks.

Taking too long to kill the chimera will cause the floor to give way. On the third and last floor, if it breaks, it will fall to its death in the lava. However, you will not get anything.

Winning earns you the White Talisman.


  • The Chimera's remains can be used as cooking ingredients when in camp.
  • The way the Chimera's goat head attacks with magic while the snake head spews a poisonous mist is very similar to the Chimeras and Gorechimeras of Dragon's Dogma.
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