Items in Dragons Crown include equipable weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, and jewelry.  Items belong to five categories: Durability, Restockable, Expendable, Skill and Special. 

Durability ItemsEdit

Your basic attack and defence items fall into this category. Examples: The Amazon's Poleaxe, the Fighter's shield, the Dwarf's Gauntlets. The item's degrade from use, and from taking damage. Each of these items have a level requirement, durability amount, and quality rating of E, D, C, B, A, S with S being the highest quality, containing the most potent affixes.

Amazon Dwarf Elf Fighter Sorceress Wizard
Amulet X X X X X X
Belt X X X
Boots X X
Bow X
Bracelet X X
Earrings X X
Gauntlets X X
Glasses X X
Gloves X X


Mantle X X
Poleaxe X
Rod X
Shield X
Staff/Wand X
Sword X

Restockable ItemsEdit

Restockable items are items that are purchased from shops or gathered from burying bones. All characters may use these items, but they must be added to the bag to be used. There is no level requirements, but many items are not sold until later levels. These items are easily passed to low level characters through the shared stash. Each item has a usage amount and a restock amount. The use amount represents how many times the item can be used before haveing to restock in town. Restocking is automatic once in town, and will refill the item to the original usage amount. This depleats the restock amount until the item cannot be restocked. The total uses of an item are represented by a bar under that item's name; it includes the restock amount. All restockable items benifit from Adroit hands.


Potions strength is denoted with (S) (M) (L) in accending order. They benefit the drinker and his/her summoned minions, except for explosive, which behaves like an expendable item (but does not benefit from maintenance). Potions may be purchased from The Magic Shop.

Effect S M L
Heal potion Restores HP 30% 50% 70%
Invigorationg Dram Regenerates HP 30 sec 60 sec 120 sec
Resist Brew Wards off status ailments 20 sec 40 sec 60 sec
Liquid Luck item drop rate increased 60 sec 180 sec 300 sec
Strong Draught Increases damage dealt 30 sec 60 sec 120 sec
Defense Tonic Reduces damage taken 30 sec 60 sec 120 sec
Blood of the Ogre Boosts knockback ability 20 sec 40 sec 60 sec
Stalwart Spirits Grants immunity to knockback 20 sec 40 sec 60 sec
Explosive Causes an explosion when hurled small blast moderate blast large blast

Restores all HP and grants

temporary invulnerability



Rings come in three types, very similar to potions, of increasing potency. They can be bought at the The Old Tower.

Fire-Flame-Blaze: These rings send a quick burst of fireballs out directly infront of the caster.

Ice-Frost-Glacial: Forms ice pillars.

Bolt-Storm-Electric: Shoots a bolt of lightning in a line from the caster (not up and down from the ground). 

Poison-Venom-Toxic: Produces a poison cloud.

Heal-Emergency-Miracle: Restores entire party's hp.


Scrolls only come in one variety, but generally have a larger area of effect, and lower usage count than rings. They can be purchased at the The Old Tower.

Meteorite Scroll: Fireballs rain down from heaven.

Blizzard Scroll: Unleashes a flurry of ice attacks.

Vortex Scroll: Summons a slashing tornado.

Acid Scroll: Disgorges a spray of acid.

Rebirth Scroll: Raises all allies from the dead, and restores the party to full HP.

Skill ItemsEdit

Skill items behave much in the same way as restock items, with the notable exception that they must be purchased through skill points in the Adventure's Guild. Skill item usage can be increased through additional levels of the skill, and have an unlimited restock amount. Each character has their own skill items. These can be found under each character skills.  

Special ItemsEdit

Special items are often equiped to complete quests. Examples include the urn and armor used in the Soul Gazing and Rite of Passage quests.

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