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Castle of the Dead: Catacombs
Castle of the Dead: Catacombs at the stage selection screen.
Castle of the Dead: Catacombs at the stage selection screen.
Labyrinth encounter Wandering ghost of a knight
Path A
Screens 9
Optional rooms 4
Chests 7 (1 A, 2 C, 2 D, 2 E)
Boss Vampire
Path B
Screens 7
Optional rooms 3
Chests 4 (2 B, 1 C, 1 E)
Boss Wraith
Talisman Yellow Talisman
Chain run
Previous Next
Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress Ancient Temple Ruins

This vast network of catacombs contains an uncountable number of skeletons. Only the sheer number of corpses littering this place tell of how this area once flourished in the past.


The fifth stage is in this castle of horrors. Samuel sends you off to the Castle of the Dead to investigate the mysterious disappearances of marriageable young women. As the name suggests, this place is teeming with zombies, skeletons, and ghosts. It is here you meet the mysterious phantom knight, who hands you a scroll before vanishing. Three village maidens are locked up in separate cells. When you arrive at the top of the castle, you get accosted by a group of vampires. Make sure to protect the maidens as you fight the vampires. Preventing them from turning will net you some big points for your score.

The second time through, you meet the same phantom knight, who ignores you as he goes on about a "death god". Following him to the lower catacombs, you face off against the giant wraith. Kill him in time, while the goddess statue lights are on in order to claim a talisman. Failure to do so, you will be forced to run out into the open light where the wraith cant follow, but you won't get the talisman.