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Breach Gargoyle Gate
Go to Gargoyle Gate at Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress alone and destroy it without anyone's help.
*Set other party slots to “Join Off” at the Inn.
Location Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress
Path B
Complete Harpy Problems.
Money 20000 Gold
Experience points 70000 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Cooperation at Work
Quest progression
Previous Next
Cyclops Problems Family Matters

This quest is available once you complete the quest Harpy Problems.


A dwarf who was once of the architects of Bilbaron Fortress has come to you with a surefire plan to destroy Gargoyle Gate.

No matter how you tried to destroy the gate once and for all, the goblins would simply fix it. allowing the enemy to further entrench themselves.

However, the architect has informed us that there is a hidden passageway that only the architects would know of. He will enter through this passageway and weaken the gate from inside.

The army doesn't wish to expend any more forces, so you and the dwarf will need to go rogue to complete this mission off the books. Travel to Gargoyle Gate alone and attract the enemy army's attention while the dwarf weakens the gate from within, then finish the gate off.

Completion message[]

You bought the dwarf time and successfully breached Gargoyle Gate.


You must do this quest alone without the help of other players or NPCs. At Dragon's Haven Inn, change your party join settings to "Join Off". Alternatively, switch off NPC join settings in Game Options 2 and remain offline.

The key to doing this quest alone is using the cannon as soon as possible. For that, you need to quickly deal with the Red Caps, elite versions of Goblins, to make them drop the cannonballs. Focus on defeating these enemies first, while being on your guard against the Goblin Mages that will attack you from the left of the screen. Once you have the cannons, focus on defeating the rest of the normal goblins. On of them will bring a torch. With no goblins, around, you can then focus on attacking the gate directly until the cannon appears. Use the cannon twice and a new Red Cap will appear. If you can, defeat him quickly and use the cannon once again. If not, concentrate on attacking the gate. You can bring an Explosive from Morgan's Magic Item Shop to help you. Also make sure to have with you weapons and accessories that deal damage to objects.

If you manage to shot the cannon twice, you can do the rest of the damage yourself to defeat the gate. The Elf can easily damage both the gate and the enemies with a Power Shot with Clone Strikes, and maximize damage with either poison or fire. The Dwarf can use enemies to knock others down with Power Bomb. and can also use bombs to damage the gate more easily. The Wizard can use Slow to slow the enemies and the door, while the Sorceress can use Blizzard to damage all, both protecting the cannon from damage as well. The Fighter and the Amazon should use their aerial attacks on the gate.

If you have problems to complete this quest, tune down the difficulty level.