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Overview & Strategy


The Archdemon commonly attacks by swiping at you with its clawed hands but it can also use lightning magic, flight, and teleportation. When it uses lightning spells, it can either target certain spots in a wide area (indicated by a glow where a lightning bolt will hit) or around his immediate area (around the size of the magic circle that appears beneath him). As stated earlier, the Archdemon can fly and swoop down on you and it occasionally uses teleportation before a claw swipe or magic spell although it can also teleport and grab you. Once grabbed, it will bite you for heavy damage.

The best way to fight against the Archdemon is to stay alert once he starts teleporting so that you can react in time depending on what attack he will use. Aside from his lightning spells, the Archdemon only hits those in front of him so staying behind him is a good idea to avoid taking damage.

If you take too long fighting the Archdemon, Heaven will help you by firing light dealing high damage to the Archdemon, but you won't be able to obtain treasure for defeating the boss as well as the talisman.

Winning earns you the Blue Talisman.

Creature Type: Demonic