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The Ancient Dragon is the endgame boss, unlocked by collecting all 9 Talismans and casting the Reveal Mystery Zone rune spell at the Gate. It is the mythical dragon that the goddess Althena imprisoned in the Illusionary Lands. It is revealed that the ancient dragon would have gained omni-magic in due time, allowing it to break free of its seals and and cause havoc. Even now, you need the talismans to damage it, and even then, you can only put it back it into its slumber.

Upon defeating it, you will view your character's ending, Althena's power is restored along with her statue in the Canaan Temple, and you learn of 2 other dragons that you must defeat to restore the other 2 goddesses. Your current character's difficulty will move up to the next level (to Hard if on your first playthrough).


Abilities & Attacks[]


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  • The whole fight is inspired on the Red Dragon fight in Capcom's Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, including many of the attacks, such as a full screen flame breath which requires the player to hide behind cover.
  • The Ancient Dragon appears on the PS3 theme Dragon's Crown: Into the Labyrinth.
  • The Ancient Dragons have more noticeable color schemes the more powerful they are. The Ancient Dragon in Infernal and Ultimate difficulty has scales completely blue.