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Dying Messages[]

  • Good fight. I almost had him.
  • Maybe I should wear armor...
  • Should have eaten that food...
  • Did I honor my ancestors?
  • Underworld calling...
  • There's no way that hit me!
  • (It looks like a dead body...)
  • I needed a better weapon...
  • At least I died a warrior.
  • Was today a good day to die?
  • Who backstabs these days!?
  • The statue made me die.
  • At least I got him, too...
  • If my weapon didn't break...
  • How do you like my clavicle?

Resurrection Messages[]

  • I require vengeance!
  • I'll do my best!
  • I need something to eat.
  • I am forever in your debt.
  • Dying makes me so angry!
  • I wasn't death-talking, was I?
  • Well, back to work.
  • I feel like causing a ruckus.
  • Phew, I slept well.
  • Guys dig scars, right?
  • Sorry you saw me like that.
  • I've been saved!
  • Thankyousomuch. Bye.
  • Boy, was I ever done in!

Selection Messages[]

  • Don't pick based on skills!
  • I'm tired of waiting.
  • I've got lots to offer!
  • I'm strong!
  • I'll outperform any man.
  • Come and pick me!
  • Pleased to meet you.
  • Pick me! There's no time!
  • Hey, big boy...
  • Time to get some gold!
  • What are you waiting for!?
  • Pick me.
  • You've got guts... My guts!
  • Why don't you pick me?
  • You need me, you know it.

Greeting Messages[]

  • Who should I kill first...
  • ...I'm in a bad mood today.
  • You okay? I'm here to help!
  • Why didn't anyone wake me up?
  • Let's get this party started!
  • It's skull smashin' time!
  • Wait up! Put me in!
  • I'm here to assist you!
  • I must axe some questions.
  • Haven't I seen you before?
  • You're safe now, I'm here.
  • Weaklings, all of them!
  • Bring it on!
  • The more the merrier!
  • Axe beats everything.