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DC - Amazon - 02


Deadly Revolution - The Amazon's aerial attack where she spins rapidly with her axe for fast multi-hitting attacks. Increase in level will increase power as well as add the ability to change direction up to four times.

Power Smash - A powerful technique that leaves the Amazon barehanded for about 6 seconds, performed by pressing Circle.

Brandish - A powerful axe-spin attack that hits hard and creates some knock-back, making it a great combo finisher; the Amazon is also invincible while doing this. Increase in levels will increase power and add up to doing five Brandish attacks in a row.

Punisher - This allows the Amazon to dish out her normal ground combo faster and stronger, as well as increase the chance of gaining berserk status.

Berserk - This allows the Amazon to get berserk status while attacking and increase her power and speed while in berserk mode.

Air Kick - Press X 3 times and the Amazon will perform a diagonal downward kick. She will also perform the Air Kick if you press Square while she is unarmed and airborne.

A full list of Amazon Skills can be found here .

Hip Drop - Attack that can be issued by pushing □ Button while jumping and pushing Direction Key ↓.