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"A tough female warrior who wields a mighty axe. Her damage and speed increase the more she attacks."

The Amazon is an all out attack character. High physical attack strength will allow players using her to mow down enemies quickly.



Description Rating Points (Max LVL)
Strength + Physical Damage Dealt A 276
Constitution - Physical Damage Taken C 232
Intelligence + Magical Damage Dealt C 135
Magic Resistance - Magical Damage Taken C 209
Dexterity + Weapon Damage Dealt B 204
Luck + Critical Hit Chance A 245

Stat Analysis[]

Play Style[]

Amazon Sprite

The Amazon has high attack power and speed which increases the more hits she lands on enemies and makes her a force to be reckoned with. When she hits, there is a chance she will enter Berserk status, which will increase her strength and mobility. Full Berserk status has her literally running circles around enemies and striking hard and fast.

However, her attack wind-up is initially slow and resets if she doesn't hit anything within a certain amount of time or if she gets hit. The Amazon also suffers from weak defense, so you need to fight smart in order to build up her strength and speed and keep them that way.

There are some things you can take advantage of when playing Amazon. Like the Fighter, the Amazon can block attacks. She also has the ability to parry right after blocking, giving her a few seconds of invincibility when attacking. Her Deadly Revolution is a great multi-hitting aerial attack in which you can change directions while mid-air. Brandish is a great combo finisher that not only hits hard with a knockback and has a wide attack range, but it also provides invincibility while doing it. Multiple-spins is possible the more the technique is leveled up.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]